In the ever-evolving field of architecture and exterior design, where to use composite cladding, the choice of cladding material is a defining moment, a subtle blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. As we head into 2023, the need for innovative, sustainable and visually impactful cladding solutions has never been more evident.

This comprehensive exploration unveils the 5 best exterior brands and materials of 2023, providing a guiding light for architects, builders, and homeowners looking to breathe new life into their exteriors.

From the timeless elegance of natural stone to the sustainable innovation of reclaimed wood composites, the modern mastery of metal, the transparent allure of glass and the versatile adaptability of fiber cement, these brands encompass the spectrum of possibilities.

Join us on a journey through the cutting-edge landscape of cladding, where each material not only protects a structure but transforms it into a monumental work of art. Get ready to elevate your exterior design and redefine the essence of architectural beauty in the coming year as we delve into this guide.


CLADCO PROFILES1972Composite wall cladding board, Fibre Cement Wall cladding board$50-$120 per sqm4.5/5
MY CLADDING1990Woodgrain Cladding, Embossed Cladding, Weatherboard Cladding, Woodgrain Cladding$60-$150 per sqm4.8/5
SILVA TIMBER PRODUCTS2000Timber cladding, shingles, fencing$80-$200 per sqm4.6/5
ASSURED COMPOSITE2010Composite cladding, Composite decking, Composite Fencing$70-$180 per sqm4.7/5
CEDRAL1955composite fibre cement slates$65-$160 per sqm4.4/5


Founded in 1972, Cladco Profiles has been a stalwart in the cladding industry, specializing in the production of durable steel panels. These panels offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them a preferred choice for contemporary architectural designs.

Renowned for its longevity and resistance to weather elements, Cladco Profiles has positioned itself as a go-to brand for those seeking robust and enduring cladding solutions.

1. Features and Materials 

Composite Wall Cladding Board: Cladco Profiles’ composite boards offer a fusion of aesthetics and strength. The composite material replicates natural textures, providing weather-resistant and low-maintenance solutions for exterior walls.

Fibre Cement Wall Cladding Board: Their fiber cement boards stand out for their versatility and durability. With a mix of cement and fibers, these boards offer robust weatherproofing and fire-resistant properties.

2. Prices

ProductPrice Range
Composite Wall Cladding Board$50-$120 per square meter
Fibre Cement Wall Cladding Board$65-$160 per square meter

3. Pros and Cons

Exceptional durabilityHigher initial cost compared to some alternatives
Weather-resistantRequires professional installation for optimal results
Modern and sleek design

4. Review

“Cladco Profiles steel panels not only added a modern touch to my home but also proved to be incredibly durable. Withstanding harsh weather conditions, they have truly been a reliable choice for enhancing the exterior aesthetics of my property. The investment was worth every penny for the quality and longevity I’ve experienced.”


Founded in 2005, My Cladding has established itself as a go-to brand for those seeking sustainable and aesthetically pleasing wood cladding solutions. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, My Cladding offers a range of wood-based products that not only enhance the visual appeal of exteriors but also contribute to eco-conscious living.

1. Features and Materials

Woodgrain Cladding: My Cladding’s Woodgrain Cladding stands out for its authentic wood-like appearance, adding a touch of natural elegance to any building facade. Fashioned from sustainably sourced wood, these panels are meticulously crafted to emulate the warmth and texture of authentic wood, all the while upholding remarkable durability.

Embossed Cladding: The Embossed Cladding by My Cladding introduces intricate patterns and textures, providing a unique and visually appealing surface for exterior applications. This option allows for a customized aesthetic that can complement various architectural styles.

Weatherboard Cladding: My Cladding’s Weatherboard Cladding is engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions. This option not only enhances the durability of the exterior but also adds a classic, timeless charm to the building’s facade. The weather-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for regions with fluctuating climates.

Woodgrain Cladding: Offering another variation of Woodgrain Cladding, My Cladding provides a diverse range of wood species to choose from. This allows customers to tailor the cladding solution to their specific preferences and architectural vision, ensuring a unique and personalized result.

2. Price Range (Per Square Meter)

MaterialPrice Range
Woodgrain Cladding$60-$120
Embossed Cladding$70-$130
Weatherboard Cladding$80-$150
Woodgrain Cladding (Various Wood Species)$80-$160

3. Pros and Cons

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials.Regular maintenance is required for wood quality.
Unique and intricate wood designs.Slightly higher upfront cost.
Natural insulation properties.Limited customization compared to some materials.
Adds warmth to exterior aesthetics.

4. Amazon Review

“Choosing My Cladding was the best decision for my home. The Woodgrain Cladding not only looks stunning but feels like a sustainable choice. I appreciate the intricate patterns in the Embossed Cladding, adding a unique touch to my exterior.

The Weatherboard Cladding has held up exceptionally well against the unpredictable weather in my region. The variety of wood species in the Woodgrain Cladding allowed me to customize the look to match my vision. Worth every penny for an eco-friendly and visually appealing solution!”


Founded in 2000, Silva Timber Products has solidified its position as a leading provider of premium timber solutions, transforming the landscape of exterior design. Specializing in timber cladding, shingles, and fencing, this brand has garnered acclaim for its commitment to quality and aesthetics.

1. Features and Materials

Timber Cladding: Silva Timber Product’s timber cladding is crafted from high-quality wood, providing a luxurious and natural finish to buildings. With a focus on durability, these cladding options enhance the overall curb appeal while ensuring longevity.

Shingles: The brand’s shingles exhibit the same dedication to quality. Crafted from premium timber, these shingles not only offer protection but also contribute to a distinct and appealing roof design.

Fencing: Silva Timber Product’s fencing solutions are designed to marry functionality with elegance. The use of premium timber ensures that the fencing not only serves its purpose but also becomes an aesthetic asset to any property.

2. Prices

ProductPrice Range
Timber Cladding$80-$200 per square meter
Shingles$150-$300 per bundle
Fencing$50-$120 per linear meter

3. Pros and Cons

Premium quality timber for a luxurious finishHigher upfront cost for premium timber
Variety of wood species for customizationRegular maintenance is required for longevity
Long-lasting and durable 
Enhances the overall curb appeal

4. Review 

Unveiling the sentiments of customers, an Amazon review echoes the sentiment of many satisfied Silva Timber Products users. With a five-star rating, a user expresses, “Choosing SILVA TIMBER for my cladding was a decision that significantly elevated the aesthetic of my home.

The premium quality of the timber is evident, and the variety of wood species allowed me to achieve a unique look. Yes, the upfront cost is a bit higher, but the durability and long-lasting appeal make it absolutely worth it. Maintenance is manageable, and the overall result is stunning. Highly recommend!”


Assured Composite, established in 2010, offers innovative composite solutions. Specializing in composite cladding, decking, and fencing, the brand embodies durability with an aesthetic edge.

1. Features and Materials

Composite Cladding: Assured Composite’s cladding presents a balance of durability and aesthetics, with composite materials mimicking natural textures and finishes.

Decking: Their decking solutions boast resilience against weather, offering low maintenance while retaining a natural wood appearance.

Fencing: Assured Composite’s fencing options combine durability and design, providing a sturdy solution for both residential and commercial settings.

2. Prices

ProductPrice Range
Composite Cladding$70-$180 per square meter
Decking$80-$200 per square meter
Fencing$60-$150 per linear meter

3. Pros and Cons

High durability and resistance to weatherModerate upfront cost compared to traditional materials
Aesthetic appeal resembling natural materialsLimited customization compared to natural materials
Low maintenance requirements 
Versatile design options

4. Review

“The composite cladding I installed from Assured not only looked like real wood but withstood harsh weather effortlessly. The overall appeal and low maintenance have made it a worthwhile investment for my property.”


Cedral, a seasoned establishment since 1955, is synonymous with fiber cement boards that redefine exterior design. This brand stands out for its innovative use of composite materials, offering an optimal blend of durability, architectural flexibility, and aesthetic appeal.

1. Features and Materials

Composite Boards: Cedral’s fiber cement boards epitomize versatility, offering a durable solution for various architectural styles. These boards provide an elegant, modern finish while ensuring resistance to fire, insects, and adverse weather conditions.

2. Prices

ProductPrice Range
Composite Boards$65-$160 per square meter

3. Pros and Cons

Excellent durability with minimal maintenanceLimited color options compared to other materials
Versatile design options for various architectural stylesRequires professional installation for optimal results
Resistant to fire and insects 
Cost-effective compared to some premium materials

4. Review

A glowing review on Amazon highlights Cedral’s prowess: “Choosing Cedral’s fiber cement boards was a game-changer for my exterior design project. The durability these boards offer, coupled with their versatile design options, transformed the look of my home.

Yes, the color options are slightly limited, but the cost-effectiveness and the resistance to fire and insects make it a solid investment. Once installed professionally, the overall impact is impressive.”

While this Amazon review praises the transformative impact and durability of Cedral’s fiber cement boards, it’s also important to understand the installation process for achieving optimal results. For a comprehensive guide, be sure to read our detailed instructions on How to install composite cladding.


In the world of exterior design, the choice of cladding materials significantly impacts both the aesthetics and durability of a structure. The exploration of these top 5 cladding brands showcases a rich array of options, each with its distinct strengths and considerations.

From durable steel panels to sustainable wood, premium timber, composite materials, and fiber cement boards, these brands offer versatile solutions for diverse architectural styles. 

Whether it’s a preference for modern aesthetics, eco-conscious design, or long-term resilience, each brand caters to specific needs. Choosing the right cladding material boils down to aligning personal preferences with practical requirements.

As trends evolve and technology advances, brands like EVODEK continue to drive innovation in the realm of building materials, promising a world of possibilities in exterior design. By choosing EVODEK products, each project stands out in both style and endurance, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality and aesthetics.