When considering the world of composite decking brands, Barrette Outdoor Living and Envision Decking emerge as leading forces, each redefining outdoor spaces through their distinct approaches. Both brands share a common goal: enhancing outdoor living with Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) materials.

This guide delves deep into their offerings, shedding light on their differences in materials, pricing, and overall approach to crafting exquisite outdoor living spaces. Exploring their composite decking solutions reveals diverse approaches to enhancing outdoor spaces.

While both prioritize quality, their strategies diverge in catering to specific preferences and budgets. Understanding these nuances helps in making informed decisions for decking needs. This guide navigates through their core disparities without bias, presenting an impartial evaluation for potential consumers. Join this exploration to uncover the defining traits that set these brands apart in the world of composite decking.


Brand NameEstablishment TimeMain ProductPriceCompany PhilosophySuitable for Crowd
Barrette Outdoor Living1975Composite Decking, fencing and gates, pergolas, Railing.ModerateInnovation, Quality CraftsmanshipHomeowners, Contractors
Envision Decking1999Composite Decking, Railing, CladdingVinyl FencingVinyl PergolaPorch Posts and ColumnsFasteners.PremiumSustainability, Superior QualityEco-conscious buyers

Barrette Outdoor Living

1. History of Establishment

Established in 1975, Barrette Outdoor Living emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of outdoor living solutions. Originating from humble beginnings, the brand steadily evolved over the years, channelling its passion and commitment into the creation of innovative products.

With a foundation rooted in providing high-quality outdoor living experiences, Barrette Outdoor Living swiftly gained recognition for its dedication to crafting reliable and durable solutions for homeowners and contractors alike.

Since its inception, the brand has consistently pushed boundaries, embracing new technologies and design approaches to redefine the standards within the industry. Through a blend of expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Barrette Outdoor Living has expanded its offerings, becoming a trusted name known for its diverse range of composite decking solutions.

Over the decades, their commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship has remained unwavering, establishing Barrette Outdoor Living as a frontrunner in providing superior outdoor living experiences.

2. Main product

Barrette Outdoor Living offers a diverse lineup of essential products for outdoor spaces. They specialize in decking solutions designed to elevate the aesthetics and durability of outdoor flooring. Alongside decking, their range extends to fences and gates, providing privacy and security while enhancing the overall look of the area.

Moreover, Barrette Outdoor Living focuses on crafting stylish and sturdy railing options, adding safety and style to decks and balconies. Additionally, they offer pergolas, ideal for creating inviting outdoor spaces with a touch of elegance and shade. Complementing these core products, they provide decorative accents that add finesse and personalization to outdoor areas.

3. Product price

Barrette Outdoor Living offers a range of products designed to enhance outdoor spaces, with pricing that caters to various preferences and budgets. Their composite decking, fences and gates, railing, and pergola options come at moderate prices, striking a balance between quality and affordability.

These products are crafted to provide durable, stylish solutions for decking and outdoor area enhancements without breaking the bank. Whether it’s decking for leisure or stylish accents like decorative elements, Barrette Outdoor Living aims to deliver value through accessible pricing, ensuring homeowners and contractors alike can access quality outdoor living solutions without compromising on craftsmanship.

4. Company Philosophy

Barrette Outdoor Living’s core philosophy revolves around innovation and quality craftsmanship. With a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries in the decking industry, they prioritize pioneering new technologies and designs. Their belief in innovation drives them to constantly evolve and improve their products, ensuring they stay ahead in the market.

Quality craftsmanship is at the heart of everything Barrette Outdoor Living creates. They uphold a stringent standards for the materials used, manufacturing processes, and final products. This commitment to quality results in durable, reliable decking solutions that stand the test of time and weather conditions.

5. Facing group

Barrette Outdoor Living’s target audience comprises homeowners and contractors seeking reliable and stylish decking solutions. Barrette Outdoor Living holds strong appeal for homeowners seeking durable and visually appealing decking solutions to elevate their outdoor spaces.

The brand caters to those who value quality craftsmanship without compromising innovation. Contractors aiming for dependable materials for various projects also find Barrette Outdoor Living a suitable choice.

With a focus on providing accessible yet high-quality decking, Barrette resonates with individuals seeking a balance between affordability and durability. Its range of products and designs caters to diverse preferences, attracting both DIY homeowners and professionals looking for dependable decking solutions.

Overall, Barrette Outdoor Living’s facing group encapsulates individuals and professionals seeking durable, innovative, and reasonably priced composite decking for their outdoor projects.

Envision Decking

1. History of Establishment

Envision Decking, a brand introduced by TAMKO in 1999, primarily appeals to a particular group of consumers. Situated in Joplin, MO, this brand targets individuals who prioritize premium quality and sustainability in their decking choices.

It caters specifically to homeowners and contractors seeking top-tier decking solutions for their outdoor spaces. Envision distinguishes itself by focusing on those who are environmentally conscious and place a high value on the quality and longevity of their decking materials.

This brand understands the preferences of customers who are keen on investing in eco-friendly options, offering composite decking products that align with these principles. Its approach is geared towards fulfilling the needs of individuals who prioritize both superior quality and sustainability, creating a niche space in the market for those seeking top-notch, environmentally friendly decking solutions.

2. Main Products

Envision Decking specializes in an array of outdoor solutions, primarily focusing on composite decking, railing, cladding, vinyl fencing, and pergolas. Their composite decking stands out, offering a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface for outdoor spaces. The range includes various styles and finishes, catering to diverse design preferences.

In addition to decking, Envision also provides a selection of railing options, ensuring safety while complementing the deck’s overall appearance. The brand extends its offerings to cladding, offering a protective and decorative layer for exterior walls, enhancing both durability and style.


Moreover, Envision Decking excels in vinyl fencing, providing durable and low-maintenance solutions for property boundaries. Their vinyl pergolas, porch posts, columns, and quality fasteners complement the overall outdoor design, ensuring a cohesive and reliable setup. Envision’s comprehensive product line aims to deliver a harmonious blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal to elevate outdoor living experiences.

3. Product prices

Envision Decking positions its product prices at a premium level. The prices of Envision Decking products are positioned at a higher range within the market. The brand’s focus on sustainability and superior quality is reflected in the pricing structure, which aims to cater to buyers seeking top-notch materials for their outdoor spaces.

Due to the premium quality and advanced technology used in crafting their decking materials, Envision’s prices tend to be higher compared to other brands. This places them as an option for those willing to invest more in durable, sustainable decking solutions. The pricing strategy aligns with the company’s philosophy, appealing to eco-conscious buyers who prioritize both quality and sustainability in their outdoor living spaces.

4. Company Philosophy

Envision Decking thrives on the belief that innovation can redefine the standards in decking. Born from the conviction that a superior path exists, they strive to craft outdoor living spaces with unmatched quality.

The brand’s essence lies in challenging the norm and pursuing a better, more sustainable approach. Embracing the idea of a greener future, Envision embeds environmental consciousness into every facet of its operations.

Their philosophy revolves around a steadfast commitment to creating not just decking but a statement of excellence. They envision a world where decking materials transcend traditional norms, where superior quality meets environmental responsibility.

This ethos drives them to innovate constantly, ensuring every plank embodies the essence of durability, luxury, and ecological sensitivity. Envision Decking’s philosophy isn’t just about making products; it’s about creating an elevated experience, a testament to their belief that decking can be more than just functional—it can be extraordinary.

5. Facing groups

Envision decking attracts a specific crowd. Their target audience consists of individuals who prioritize eco-friendly choices for their outdoor spaces. These buyers lean towards sustainability and seek top-tier quality in decking materials. People passionate about reducing environmental impact find Envision Decking appealing due to its commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Those who value superior, sustainable solutions for their homes and outdoor living spaces are drawn to the brand. Envision caters to customers looking for premium composite decking with a focus on environmental responsibility.

This group comprises individuals who are willing to invest in decking materials aligned with their ecological values, ensuring their outdoor spaces reflect their commitment to sustainability.

Barrette Outdoor Living Vs. Envision: How to Choose the Best Brand

When choosing between Barrette Outdoor Living and Envision Decking, consider your priorities. If you value innovation and durability while sticking to a moderate budget, Barrette might suit you better. Their diverse range of composite decking options caters to various design preferences and is accessible to both homeowners and contractors.

On the other hand, if sustainability and top-tier quality are at the forefront of your requirements and you’re willing to invest in premium materials, Envision Decking could be your go-to choice. Their focus on sustainability and superior quality resonates with eco-conscious buyers seeking high-end decking solutions for their outdoor spaces.

Reflect on what matters most to you: Is it the balance between quality and price or a premium, eco-friendly approach? Barrette emphasizes innovation and craftsmanship, while Envision emphasizes sustainability and superior quality. Matching these brand philosophies with your preferences will help you decide which brand aligns best with your needs.

Ultimately, your choice hinges on factors like your budget, your emphasis on sustainability, and the level of quality you seek in your decking materials. Both brands have their strengths, so it’s about finding the one that matches your priorities for your outdoor living space.


Barrette Outdoor Living and Envision Decking stand as unique choices in WPC brands for decking. Barrette, with its focus on innovation and moderate pricing, suits homeowners and contractors seeking reliable yet affordable solutions. In contrast, Envision targets eco-conscious buyers, emphasizing premium quality and sustainability.

When choosing between them, consider your priorities: Barrette for innovation and cost-effectiveness or Envision for top-tier quality and eco-friendliness. Both brands excel in offering diverse decking options, catering to different needs.

Ultimately, whether your priorities are personal preference, durability and cost, or sustainability and quality, check out the EVODEK brand, which is also uniquely positioned to enhance your outdoor living.