Embark on a journey through the world of composite decking as we delve into the differences between EVODEK and Trex. These two brands stand out in creating outdoor living solutions, yet their paths diverge in history, products, and values.

Get ready to explore the unique traits that define each brand, guiding you toward an informed choice for your outdoor oasis. Discover the essence of these brands’ philosophies and the distinctive features that cater to diverse preferences.

Whether you seek affordability without compromising quality or prioritize eco-conscious materials, this comparison will navigate you through the nuances, helping you find the perfect fit for your outdoor haven. To know more about Composite Decking, click here.

Comparison Table

EVODEK2000Composite Decking, Cladding, Fencing, Outdoor & Indoor WPCVariesEmphasizes technology, affordability, and durabilityHomeowners seeking quality on a budget
TREX1996Composite deck boards, Deck railing, cladding, Deck fasteners and accessories, Fascia, Outdoor deck furniture, Deck drainage system, PergolaVariesEmphasizes sustainability, innovation, and premium qualityHomeowners prioritizing eco-friendly, premium solutions


Establishment History: Established in the vibrant landscape of decking solutions, EVODEK emerged in the year 2000. This pioneering entity made its mark as a composite decking manufacturer, swiftly gaining recognition for its innovative contributions.

Spearheaded by a vision to revolutionize outdoor living spaces, EVODEK independently developed groundbreaking technologies. Among these, the “Ultra Grain” and “Dual-Screw Extrusion” techniques stood out, setting new benchmarks within the industry. These cutting-edge advancements enabled the creation of WPC (wood-plastic composite) products characterized by not only an alluring appearance but also an exceptionally high density.

EVODEK’s commitment extended beyond decking alone, expanding its repertoire to encompass various facets of outdoor aesthetics. Beyond composite decking, the brand diversified into manufacturing composite cladding, fencing, as well as both outdoor and indoor WPC panels.

This multifaceted approach aimed to cater to the comprehensive needs of homeowners seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces. Notably, EVODEK positioned itself uniquely in the market, offering high-quality yet budget-friendly composite solutions.

Amidst a competitive landscape, EVODEK’s hallmark became its ability to blend affordability with uncompromising quality. This strategic fusion resonated with a demographic eager to enhance their living spaces without stretching their budget. Over the years, EVODEK solidified its presence as a go-to option for those prioritizing quality and cost-effectiveness in decking and outdoor enhancement.

Main products: EVODEK specializes in a variety of outdoor solutions, offering a diverse range of main products. Their flagship offerings include composite decking, which stands as a durable and attractive alternative to traditional wood decks.

Alongside decking, EVODEK provides composite cladding, a versatile option enhancing the exterior aesthetics of buildings. For fencing needs, they offer composite fencing, providing durability and style for outdoor boundaries.


Moreover, EVODEK extends its product line to encompass outdoor WPC, suitable for various outdoor applications, combining durability with a natural look. Their indoor WPC solutions cater to interior spaces, ensuring a cohesive design between indoor and outdoor environments.

Each product within EVODEK’s repertoire is crafted with an emphasis on quality, durability, and an affordable price point, making them an attractive choice for homeowners seeking reliable and cost-effective options to enhance their living spaces.

Product price: EVODEK offers a range of composite decking, cladding, fencing, and WPC products at competitive prices. The pricing varies based on the specific product and its features. Generally, EVODEK’s composite decking comes at an affordable rate, making it an attractive choice for homeowners looking for quality without stretching the budget.

The composite cladding and fencing options are also reasonably priced, providing durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions without excessive costs. Their outdoor and indoor WPC offerings cater to different needs and budgets, ensuring there’s an option suitable for various financial plans.

Overall, EVODEK maintains a balance between quality and affordability, making its products accessible to a wide range of customers seeking durable, high-quality materials for their outdoor spaces.

Company Philosophy: EVODEK aims to craft outdoor products mirroring the natural allure of solid wood, minus its flaws. The name “EVODEK” embodies their evolution-driven ethos in decking. Their mission is to innovate through research, crafting, and sales, empowering you to shape an ideal outdoor haven at home or a sturdy business base.

They believe in creating deck boards and outdoor solutions that harmonize with nature while offering durability. Also, they focus on research, production, and sales to ensure EVODEK products not only enhance your home’s outdoor space but also bolster your company’s stability.

Facing groups: EVODEK suits homeowners seeking quality without breaking the bank. It’s for those who value their outdoor space but are mindful of budgets. This decking solution offers affordability without compromising on durability or aesthetics. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or someone renovating, EVODEK fits various needs.

It’s designed for practicality and style, appealing to individuals who want a reliable, attractive outdoor living space without the hefty price tag. With its range of options, from decking to cladding and fencing, EVODEK caters to those who prioritize value without compromising on quality.


Establishment history: Since 1996, Trex has been a trailblazer, reshaping the composite deck world. It all began with a transformative buyout from Mobil Corporation. In just three years, by 1999, they stepped into the public domain. Trex never stopped pushing boundaries. They sculpted a fusion of innovation and environmental stewardship, redefining outdoor engineering.

Today, they stand as the behemoth, the world’s largest producer of wood-alternative decking. Their reach spans beyond borders, spreading to over 40 countries globally. In North America, their dominance is unparalleled, boasting the lion’s share of the composite decking market. Their international expansion mirrors their relentless growth, fueled by annual sales hitting a whopping $1.2 billion.

Trex’s legacy isn’t just about being the biggest; it’s about constantly evolving. Innovation remains their cornerstone, creating products that blend exquisite aesthetics with unwavering functionality. Their commitment to sustainability intertwines seamlessly with their quest for beauty and performance.

From humble beginnings rooted in Mobil’s division to an industry-leading force, Trex’s journey has been one of unwavering ambition. They’ve not only defined the composite deck category but continue to shape its future.

Main products: Trex offers a comprehensive range of products tailored for outdoor living spaces. Their main products encompass composite Deck boards, providing durable and aesthetically pleasing decking solutions. Complementing this, their Deck railing ensures safety and style, while the cladding adds sophistication to exterior walls.


Trex’s Deck fasteners and accessories streamline installation, ensuring a seamless finish. The Fascia boards provide a polished edge, enhancing the overall deck appearance. Additionally, they offer Outdoor Deck furniture, perfectly designed to withstand outdoor elements.

Trex’s Deck Drainage system prevents water buildup, maintaining the deck’s integrity. Lastly, their Pergolas offer shade and architectural flair, completing the outdoor experience with functional elegance.

Product price: Trex offers a range of decking options at varying prices to suit different budgets. The cost of Trex products depends on factors like the type of decking, size, and design. Generally, Trex decking comes in different tiers, each with its price point, reflecting the quality and features offered.

The basic Trex decking might be more affordable, while their premium lines can be higher-priced due to enhanced durability and aesthetics. Additionally, accessories and add-ons like railings, lighting, and fasteners contribute to the overall cost.

Customers can expect to invest differently based on the complexity of their project and desired add-ons. Trex aims to provide options that balance quality with affordability, allowing homeowners to select decking solutions that match their preferences and budget constraints.

Company Philosophy: Trex aims to become the globe’s biggest and most inventive provider of outdoor living goods, striving for sustainability while encouraging folks to embrace the outdoors. Their vision is about urging people to relish the beauty and perks of outdoor living.

This statement mirrors their dedication to excellence, innovation, sustainability, and ensuring customers are content. Their goal is grand: to lead the industry not just in size but in groundbreaking ideas. They’re not just about decking; they’re about inspiring a lifestyle that values nature’s offerings. Their commitment isn’t solely to sell products but to elevate experiences, making outdoor living more enriching and environmentally friendly for everyone.

Facing groups: Trex’s decking solutions cater to homeowners valuing sustainable, premium quality. Its products appeal to eco-conscious individuals seeking durable, low-maintenance decking. Those looking for innovative designs and environmentally friendly options find Trex appealing.

Homeowners desiring outdoor spaces that blend sustainability with aesthetics often prefer Trex. Additionally, individuals seeking decking materials with long-term warranties and a reputation for quality gravitate towards Trex.

Its offerings resonate with those wanting decks that stand the test of time while minimizing environmental impact. For those prioritizing a balance between eco-friendliness and top-notch performance, Trex remains a go-to choice.

EVODEK Or TREX: Which One Is Better?

When deciding between EVODEK and Trex for your decking needs, several factors can help you make the best choice. Consider your budget first – EVODEK tends to offer quality at a more affordable price point, while Trex might lean towards a higher range.

Think about the look you desire for your outdoor space too. EVODEK boasts technology like “Ultra Grain” and “Dual-Screw Extrusion,” creating visually appealing composite materials with a high density.Including wood plastic composite material. On the other hand, Trex focuses on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials to craft their decking and outdoor furniture.

Another critical aspect is the specific features you prioritize. If you value innovation and cost-effectiveness, EVODEK’s technology might catch your eye. But if environmental consciousness and durability are your main concerns, Trex might be the better fit.

Remember, the crowd each brand caters to also matters. EVODEK aims at homeowners seeking quality materials at lower costs, while Trex targets eco-conscious consumers searching for durable, environmentally friendly options.

Ultimately, your ideal choice hinges on your preferences. Are you looking for affordability paired with attractive technology, or are sustainability and eco-friendliness your priority? Assessing these factors – budget desired aesthetics, specific features, and target audience – will guide you toward the decking brand that aligns best with your needs and values for your outdoor space.


EVODEK and Trex stand as two distinct leaders in the world of composite decking. EVODEK dazzles with its cutting-edge “Ultra Grain” and “Dual-Screw Extrusion” technology, crafting dense, eye-catching WPC products. They specialize in decking, cladding, fencing, and wall paneling, offering top quality at affordable prices. They also prioritize durability and eco-friendliness.

In contrast, Trex, established earlier, shines its spotlight on eco-friendliness. Their expertise lies in crafting durable composite decking, railing, and outdoor furniture, prioritizing sustainability and environmentally conscious materials.

Choosing between them comes down to your preferences and needs. If budget-friendly, durability, high-quality options are your aim, EVODEK is your perfect option. But if environmental consciousness and durability are your top concerns, Trex has an edge.

Both brands present compelling choices, but your decision hinges on what matters most to you—whether it’s innovative technology, affordability, eco-friendliness, or durability. Consider your budget, desired aesthetics, and environmental values to find the composite decking that best suits your unique needs and aspirations for your outdoor space.

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