Maintaining the appearance and durability of composite decking requires regular cleaning. Unlike traditional wood, composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers, making it long-lasting and low maintenance. Start by clearing away debris with a broom or leaf blower to clean it effectively.

A soft-bristle brush and a solution of mild soap and water can be used to remove dirt and stains. In this article, you’ll learn to avoid using abrasive brushes and harsh chemicals that could scratch the surface.

Tips to make sure that your composite deck remains a welcoming and lovely outdoor space for many years to come.


What is composite decking?

A common substitute for traditional wood, composite decking is made from a mixture of wood fibers and recycled plastics. This mixture produces a long-lasting, low-maintenance material that has many advantages. Due to its superior resistance to rot, composite decking has a longer lifespan and requires fewer repairs.

Composite decking offers versatility in design thanks to the variety of colors and textures it is available in. It enables homeowners to create the look they want for their outdoor spaces. The long-term savings in maintenance and replacement make it a cost-effective investment. Despite the fact that the initial cost may be higher than wood, it is a good option.

It incorporates cutting-edge technology, offering the beauty of wood without drawbacks. It makes it a wise and environmentally friendly option for contemporary outdoor living. Overall, composite decking provides a strong, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing answer to decking needs. 

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How to clean composite decking

You can make sure that your outdoor sanctuary is both beautiful and long-lasting by carefully following a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Supplies

Collecting the necessary tools will help you get started cleaning composite decking. For cleaning, you will need a broom or leaf blower for rinsing. You may also need a soft-bristle brush, water, mild soap, a scrub, and a garden hose.

Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes that could damage the composite surface. Being well-prepared guarantees a quick and efficient cleaning procedure to preserve the integrity and beauty of your deck.

Step 2: Sweeping the Debris

In order to get your composite deck ready for a thorough cleaning, it involves sweeping away debris. To get rid of accumulated leaves, dirt, and other debris, use a broom or leaf blower.

This initial step ensures a more effective result by preventing dirt from embedding itself during the cleaning composite decking procedure. By cleaning the deck’s surface, you give yourself a blank canvas on which to work. It makes it easier for the subsequent cleaning procedures to shine.

Step 3: Clean Your Composite Deck

Start the composite deck’s primary cleaning procedure. Water and mild soap can be combined to make a soft cleaning solution. Apply the solution and scrub the deck’s surface with a soft-bristled brush. Pay particular attention to any stains or grime-covered areas.

This careful cleaning composite decking procedure aids in removing dirt and bringing back the deck’s original luster. Take care to avoid applying too much pressure, which could harm the composite material. 

Step 4: Pay Attention to the Hidden Spots

Focus on the frequently missed crevices in your composite deck. Clean carefully around railings, along edges, and between boards using a soft-bristle brush and soapy solution.

These concealed areas are prone to debris accumulation and need special care to prevent mold and grime from forming. Making sure that every crevice is thoroughly cleaned improves your deck’s aesthetic appeal as well as its long-term durability. 

Step 5: Use Mild Detergent Solutions

In this step, the effectiveness of mild detergent solutions for a thorough composite deck clean-up is introduced. Making a gentle detergent and water mixture will protect the surface from harsh chemicals. Apply the solution to any areas that need extra cleaning or have stains that will not go away.

Allowing it to sit for a while will help to loosen dirt and improve the results of any subsequent scrubbing. This procedure not only removes more stubborn blemishes but also improves the deck’s overall cleanliness and appeal. 

Tips for Composite Deck Cleaning


Cleaning composite decking properly requires a combination of prudent decisions and efficient procedures. Knowing the dos and don’ts helps to keep your deck beautiful and strong over time.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can keep your composite decking beautiful and structurally sound for many years to come. 

Routine Maintenance: Plan regular cleanings to prevent dirt and debris buildup, ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your deck.

Test in a Covered Area: Before using any cleaning product on your deck, test it in a covered area. It is to make sure it will not discolor it or damage it.

Gentle Scrubbing: Scrub the deck’s surface using a brush with soft bristles. Scrubbing gently removes dirt without damaging the surface.

Rinse Completely: After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the deck with a garden hose to get rid of any remaining soap or cleaning agent.

Prevent Using Strong Chemicals: Avoid using bleach, ammonia, or other strong chemicals, as they can fade the composite material.

Avoid using Pressure Washers: These machines can be too harsh and harm composite surfaces, splintering or fading them. Use standard hoses only when rinsing.

Avoid Using Abrasive Brushes: Using abrasive brushes or scrubbers can wear down and damage the composite surface. Instead, choose soft-bristle brushes.

Do not Let Debris Build Up: Failure to perform routine sweeping can result in debris buildup, which may encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Pay Attention to Gaps: Spaces between boards often become clogged with dirt and debris. Keep these areas regularly cleaned to avoid deterioration and staining.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can keep your composite deck beautiful and structurally sound for many years to come. 

Choice of Cleaning Products for Composite Cleaning


The choice of cleaning products is essential to getting your composite deck clean effectively and without doing any damage. Choose gentle, environmentally friendly remedies that will not harm the environment or the surface of your deck.

The best options are delicate soaps, mild detergents, or specialized composite deck cleaners. These items aid in removing grime, stains, and dirt without affecting the composite material’s integrity. 

Importance of Regular Cleaning of Composite Decks

For composite decks to maintain their aesthetic appeal, durability, and overall value, regular cleaning is crucial. Here’s why:

Preservation of Appearance

Composite decks are preferred because of their lovely appearance, which closely resembles that of real wood. Routine cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt, stains, and debris that dull surfaces and lower their aesthetic value. A spotless deck improves the outdoor ambiance and creates a cozy area for entertainment and relaxation.

Prevention of Mold and Mildew

Because outdoor decks are susceptible to moisture, mold, and mildew can develop there. Organic material that serves as a breeding ground for these microorganisms is removed through routine cleaning. Maintaining the deck’s cleanliness while preventing mold and mildew growth also benefits the users’ health and safety.

Longevity and Durability

Modern composite decks are renowned for their toughness, but improper cleaning can quicken deterioration. Dirt and other debris can scratch surfaces, and moisture can cause rotting and warping. Regular removal of these components will protect your deck’s longevity and structural integrity. It will prevent the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

Stain Prevention

Outdoor spaces are prone to spills and stains. Stains are easier to remove because regular cleaning keeps them from becoming embedded in the composite material. Quick stain removal keeps the deck looking spotless and reduces long-term discoloration.

Cost Savings

Proper cleaning and maintenance are investments in cost savings. Regular maintenance reduces the need for future, more involved, and costly restoration projects. A well-maintained deck helps you save money in the long run by preventing the need for early replacements.

Increased Property Value

Outdoor spaces increase a home’s value and curb appeal. A tidy and well-maintained modern composite deck can significantly increase your home’s aesthetics. It makes it more appealing to potential buyers or tenants.


In essence, routine cleaning is essential to preserving the appeal, usefulness, and value of your modern composite deck. Each cleaning session becomes an investment in the long-term enjoyment of your outdoor space. It stops unsightly stains from forming, stops mold from growing, and prolongs the life of the surface.

You can encourage entertainment and relaxation while lowering the need for expensive repairs by keeping your deck clean. Adopting this straightforward but essential practice improves the aesthetic appeal of your composite decking. It also demonstrates your dedication to responsible upkeep and sustainable living.

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