The only WPC maker persisting in uncapped WPC innovation.

Ultra-Natural Color & Texture Capped Composite Decking CPD-01

The capped composite decking with ultra-natural grain gives you an even better wood grain surface, giving your outdoor deck a unique three-dimensional visual effect and making it the center of attention.

Longer-lasting And More Durable Composite Decking Board ED-01A

ED-01A composite decking offers longer life and greater durability, providing you with amazing deck strength. EVODEK composite decking has the look to enhance your outdoor space and bring your deck to life.

Environmentally Friendly And Easy to Install 3D Composite Cladding EC-02

A modern style of 3D composite cladding without losing the traditional natural beauty. EC-02 looks as beautiful as natural wood. Durable and environmentally friendly are its strengths, and its beauty and naturalness are features that should not be underestimated.

Superb Color Retention Eco-Friendly Composite Cladding CPC-02

Composite wall cladding is a strong, durable, low-maintenance exterior cladding product. EVODEK's composite cladding provides a strong, long-lasting appearance while better protecting your home.

CE, ISO, FSC Certified Exported to 90+ Countries Fence Gate EFD-01

In recent years, composite fencing has become the first choice for most homeowners to protect their personal privacy. Composite privacy fences with the use of fence gates can make your house more outstanding while protecting your personal privacy.

Easy to Install and Very Robustness Durable Composite Fencing EF-02

High-quality EF-02 fencing can resist extreme weather for you, also can add beautiful scenery to your house, and bring you a better quality experience.

EVODEK Outdoor Composite Decking ED-01A Accessory Bucket

Install your laminate flooring area with EVODEK stainless steel clips and screws. Designed to fit and hide in the grooves of our laminate flooring range. Provides a seamless finish to your floors while holding laminate floors in place.

Durable and Long Service Life Composite Corner Trim EA-02

With EA-02 Corner Trim, you can finish off the edges of your composite decks and composite cladding. The L-corner from EVODEK is also made of composite decking material. It comes with a 10-year commercial warranty and a 25-year residential guarantee, which makes it a better choice than wood in terms of cost and the environment.

More Cost-effective and Eco-friendly L-corner Trim EA-01

Add the finishing touch to your laminate flooring and composite cladding edges with EA-01 Corner Trim.EVODEK is made from composite flooring materials and comes with a 10-year commercial warranty and a 25-year residential warranty, making it a more cost effective and environmentally friendly option than wood.